The margoum, amazing Tunisian carpet

The margoum, amazing Tunisian carpet

The margoum, is a typical Tunisian carpet. Mazed proposes you to discover this carpet which is only made in the cities of Kairouan, El Jem and Oudhref. Such a carpet does not exist anywhere else in the world!

The different types of rugs © MAZED

The margoum is a carpet halfway between the classic knotted carpet and the woven kilim. Thinner than a knotted carpet, thicker than a kilim, the margoum carpet is unique.

The weft of the margoum is always in wool, and its warp in cotton. It is its particularity: this mixture gives it a rigid and solid aspect, heavier and thicker than its cousin the kilim. Another particularity of the margoum carpet is that it is made according to the most ancient traditions as far as its weaving methods are concerned: the bottom of the margoum is woven as on a kilim, and the patterns are embroidered with knots, as on a classic carpet, but upside down. Thus the margoum has no hairs but a smooth aspect with reliefs. On its back side, the wool return threads testify to the artisanal authenticity of this handmade carpet.

Preview of the texture of a margoum – © MAZED

The main design of the margoum is the rhombus, “regma” in Arabic, where the word “margoum” comes from. However, the margoum would be of Berber origin, for whom the diamond symbolizes fertility. There are three main types of motifs: a multitude of small rhombuses, medium sized rhombuses, or a large central rhombus.

Margoum with small rhombuses, margoum with medium sized rhombuses, and margoum with a large central rhombus – © MAZED

The patterns of the interior details are also… diamonds! But triangles are also found a lot, as well as zigzags and combs. These last patterns are most often found on the borders.

In any case, the patterns are always geometrically shaped and sharp in the right place. They are declined to infinity what makes each margoum is a unique piece. A margoum has so many diamonds and triangles that it would be very difficult to count them!

Detail of a margoum carpet – © MAZED

Although answering to precise rules which give to the margoum its seal, this carpet presents a very wide choice of models and a multitude of colors answering the imagination of the craftswomen who make them of head. The margoum is also manufactured in different dimensions, from the simple chair carpet to the very large living room carpet, through the carpet of corridor.

The authenticity and quality of the margoum carpet is certified by the National Office of Tunisian Handicrafts which provides, on the back of each carpet, a certificate indicating the handmade weaving, the material used, its size, its weight and especially if it is a first or second choice carpet.

A margoum can keep itself a whole life; this carpet is indeed known for its solidity and its resistance offering him a very great longevity.


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